At your initial consultation please report to the reception desk so that you can have relevant information entered into the computer database.  Please bring your completed Patient Information Sheet with you or fill this in on arrival if you have not received one.  Details we require include your Pension (or Veteran Affairs) and Medicare Numbers, private health insurance details, any medical problems or allergies and your current medications.

Please bring your current eye drops/treatment and most recent distance (TV) and reading glasses.  Glasses should also be brought to all subsequent visits.

Computerised testing for glasses may be conducted and your visual acuity measured prior to seeing the doctor.  You may need to have dilating drops to enlarge the pupils.  This may blur your vision and make you very sensitive to sunlight.  It is advisable to bring sunglasses and have a companion to drive you.  Pupil dilation can take an extra 30 minutes or more in addition to the consultation time so please allow at least 2 hours for the visit (although it may not take this long).